Deserts : How They Are Made

Cold, creamy and definitely delicious ! These are descriptions of our all time favourite desserts whether it be frozen yogurt, ice cream or gelato. These sweets all share the same qualities, bringing smiles to those that consume them. But what are the differences that differentiates them from one another? Well you are about to find out !

How the magic happens

Frozen yogurt

Although the regular yogurt was around for thousands of years, frozen yogurt, commonly known as “fro-yo” was introduced to the world in 1970. The earliest portrayal of a frozen yogurt was that it scooped like an ice cream which was then shaped like a popsicle. Quickly becoming a staple in households for millions, the revolution of the frozen yogurt took the world by storm even though it was invented fairly recently. Nowadays, there are thousands of frozen yogurt stores all around the world. 

Unlike the ice cream, what sets apart frozen yogurt from its cousin is the ingredients used to make them. Frozen yogurt is made from cultured milk, not cream. Cultured milk is produced by adding live cultures into the pasteurized milk resulting in its signature tart flavor due to the bacteria contained in the frozen yogurt. You can rest assured that these are good bacteria that is proven beneficial to your health.

Ice Cream

Ice cream has a long history, some say it was probably introduced during the second century B.C. The Americans were introduced to the dessert during the mid-1700s, but it was considered an elite delicacy even in the 1800. As time progressed, however, it became more accessible to the masses and ever since then it has become one of America’s great staple deserts as it significantly improves in quality and taste throughout the ages. 

As you can probably tell, ice cream is made from cream. To make ice cream, 10% of milk fat is required for it to be legally sold. That is the reasoning behind the much higher fat content ice cream has compared to the frozen yogurt. The delectable desert is a combination of water, milk, cream and sugar, which are quickly churned together until it produces a creamy and lighter mix that we know and enjoy.


Gelato is actually the italian word for ice cream. It was thought to be created during the italian renaissance in the 14th century. Two types of gelato were introduced to the United States during the 1700s ; sorbetto (made by mixing water with fruits) and the other one is mixing milk with other flavors such as chocolate, and cinnamon. The gelato that we have and enjoy today has gone through multiple changes. 

Like ice cream, cream is used to make gelato and it has a thicker consistency compared to the frozen yogurt. Unlike the ice cream, however, it has no minimum fat required to legally sell. Therefore, gelato uses significantly less cream and contains a lower amount of fat. The ingredients are slow churned together and creates a denser, milkier and more flavorful dessert with less fat. However, the gelato needs to be served at a higher temperature or it will become rock solid due to its composition.


There you have it. Three kinds of delicious sweet dessert that we enjoy today on a daily basis and how they are made.


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