Does Wealth Guarantee A Good Life?

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With how important money is to us for the sake of survival, can you imagine how depressing it is to work so hard every month just to barely make it? An income of RM2k a month is not even enough nowadays because the cost of living is getting higher and more people are struggling to make ends meet. It’s not that being rich should be our top priority in life, but having wealth does help to make our life comfortable. Some people disagree since you don’t have to be wealthy in order to live comfortably, but people’s definition of “comfortable” differs and you have to respect that. Perhaps living with the minimum is your ideal way of living and it’s enough to make you happy, but that’s not the case for everyone.

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Let’s come back to the question of the day: Does wealth guarantee a good life? 

Allow you to get the highest level of education

Everyone is aware that it is costly to further your studies, either you are going for a degree, master or PhD. Many students that fail to get a scholarship or loan struggles to pay for their education and some even drop out in the middle of the semester. This would not be a problem if you are wealthy because you will be able to pay for the education fees and everything else relating to your studies. Besides, you can afford extra classes if you are having problems with certain subjects in your course. It eases your way to obtain the highest educational level in our country and this is important because a higher level of education guarantees you a good job with great pay in the future.

Gives You A Chance To Turn The Table

If you are involved in forex trading where you trade foreign currencies, you can earn more if you start big and are smart with your investment. Being wealthy means you have no worries and can invest as much as you want in the forex trading industry. Here is one of the best forex broker malaysia you could explore if you are really serious in making a 180 degrees change in your life. It’s obvious that wealth gives you an opportunity to change your life to a better phase.

Connect You With People From Various Background

Another reason how wealth could guarantee you a good life is because it lets you connect with people from various backgrounds – no matter their race, religion or social status. It’s unfortunate how society is divided according to their social status, where most people with high social status do not socialize with others from lower points of social standing. Aside from the traditional mindset where people from a higher social status should be respected and lead the others, this is also because of the different lifestyles that makes it hard for them to see each other from the same perspective. Not saying that we should encourage this idea, but being wealthy allows you to stand on the same level as those with high social status. This means that you can start changing this mentality because they will give you the chance to voice out your opinion since you are able to get into their social circle.

Final Words

As a conclusion, I hope this can answer the question of whether wealth guarantees us a good life or the opposite. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but perhaps it is time for us to see wealth as a good opportunity to change our lives for the better. Let’s not label those who wish to be rich as materialistic, but realists or opportunists.

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