How To Build A Website For Your Company?

Before establishing a web design company, it should be kept in mind that Website construction is a technical task, and you cannot make a high-quality website casually.

Here is an example of the many persuasive techniques and methods that a salesperson can use to influence a customer in offline sales. Words, bodies and eyes can be used to interact with the customer in a variety of ways to achieve persuasion.  For websites, however, the target audience is the unreachable website visitor sitting in front of the computer, and the techniques and methods available are limited to text, pictures, videos and live chat tools. As we all know, most foreign trade companies gain customers through their websites, so it is very important to create a website with a high conversion rate. A product station is the equivalent of an online salesman, using the website to convince foreign customers to enquire and order products. A persuasive website has several times or even dozens of times the earning power of a mediocre website on its own.

1. In-depth product understanding to build a good website

Study and learn the product in-depth, because only with sufficient knowledge of the product and an in-depth understanding of the target group it is aimed at can you make a convincing website. 

2. Let the products speak for yourself

The product is the core content of the entire website, so we have decided to make the product speak for itself as the central concept. Generally speaking, products are about three things: design, features and applications, and by presenting these three things, we are letting them speak for themselves. Some products need to be packaged, while others are already good enough and just need more attention to detail to make them stand out.

3. Add real-time navigation design, such as hidden navigation bar, sidebar, etc., to enhance user experiences 

In many cases, the design of the navigation can have a direct impact on the user’s enjoyment of browsing and using the web. With this design, the left-hand navigation bar can be shown and hidden, allowing users to quickly find and navigate the information they need with a few clicks and swipes, effectively preventing users from suddenly getting lost within the site and thus greatly enhancing their sense of security and website satisfaction.

4. Intuitive and clear text structure hierarchy

The designer can cleverly show the intuitive and clear hierarchy of the page through the different text fonts, sizes and typography, cleverly avoiding the problems of clutter, lack of focus and poor readability that can easily arise from a simple text display.

5. Attention to visual hierarchy in web UI design makes it easy to layer page content

In practical UI design, whether text, images, videos, icons and other components are used individually or in combination, attention should be paid to layering page content through their size, page position, colour, alignment, typography and layout changes to create a clearer and more intuitive page structure hierarchy and optimise the user experience.

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