How To Match A Watch With Your Outfit?

Are you looking for men’s watches in Malaysia  that match their outfits?

Watch out for heirloom watches that bend all the rules.

Heirloom watches are representations of legacies and generations. Usually, they are worn as a memory of its original owner, or simply as lucky charms. Invest in one if you are looking for good conversation pieces which are not based on the latest fashion and trends. You must not subject an heirloom piece to the rules of matching clothes and watches.

Match your watch to your shoes.

Choosing for the best men’s watches in Malaysia shouldn’t be that hard. For most men, black is a top choice. However, many people still prefer the color brown. If you are having a hard time choosing, interchangeable leather watch straps are more useful. It’s also crucial to focus on watch sizing. Your watch must be appropriate for your own body.

Match the formality of your outfit with your watch.

Do you prefer an analog watch or a digital one? Is this for casual or formal events? Analog watches are regarded as more formal, classic choices, making them more suitable for dates, business conferences and formal events. Meanwhile, digital watches have LED faces, or LCD displays that displays time in numeric form.

Remember that leather complements leather.

The color and material of your shoes is a good reference for your choice of watch strap. Begin by matching your shoes and belts. Wear a black watch strap with your black belt and shoes. If you are wearing a brown belt, wear a brown watch strap. At the end of the day, a quality leather strap is still the best choice.

Metal complements metal.

Your watch’s metal case, or the frame around its face, must complement all the metal accents of other accessories. This specific case can be polygonal, round, rectangular and square. The case finish can be matte, inlaid with crystals, patterned, matte or shiny.

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