Ideas For Glass Partitions

glass partition wall Malaysia

Glass partitions are a popular house accessory that can change your entire home in a flash. There are a choice of places to add these great structures to add a chic and sophisticated element to the room. Whether you are certain you want a glass partition in your home, or you are still considering it, here are a number of places you can add glass partitions to inspire you to see your home differently than you did before. 

  1.     Lounge

Adding a glass partition wall Malaysia to your lounge is a feature that will have your guests in awe and jealous. They are sophisticated and complement the living area well because they bring in so much light, making the room bigger in appearance than it may actually be. There are several variations of glass wall partitions that can be placed in different positions and different places to ensure you have the best lounge for you and your family. 

  1.     Wine cabinets

Sophistication is not only for the lounge area. Use glass partitions for your wine collections. This way you have a lovely transparent window to your choices. This one may be smaller than your lounge glass partition, but it still has the same effect of making your wine cabinet classy and high-end while keeping it secure for the next time you have friends over. Having your bottles on shelves or racks gives you easy access to your collection and handles on your door make it an uncomplicated procedure to fetch your favourite red.

glass partition wall Malaysia

  1.     Office

Glass partitions work well with office areas, too. With these, you increase the amount of light entering the room and keep the aesthetic of a workplace to allow you to do your best work from home. If you are concerned with noise, invest in sound-proof glass to help you stay focused on your work and assist you in achieving the best results.  Glass walls are a popular option for at-home offices for many business owners, writers and other stay-at home workers who require well-lit rooms to do their work. 

  1.     Bathrooms and Showers

Glass doors in the bathroom are a treat! They give the bathroom a classy look with very little effort, while maintaining the privacy of the bathroom. You can use them to separate the toilet from the shower, or the shower from the bathtub, or to separate the bathtub and shower from the sink area. For people living alone, partitions can be useful in studios to separate the bedroom from the bathroom. There are partition walls that are opaque, and keep your bathroom private from your bedroom.

  1.     Staircases

Staircase glass walls are the epitome of urban lifestyle. Instead of going for the traditional staircase railing, a glass partition can do amazing things for your stairs to make a more modern statement in your house.


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