Why Living Together Before Marriage Is Not a Great Idea

Are you planning to live together with your partner when you are not even married yet? You must be since you are on this page. You know very well that this is not allowed and if you see a lot of couples doing this, they don’t determine the norm. What is wrong will always be wrong, no matter if everyone is doing it. 

Yes, and for more justifications, here are some of the most valid reasons that what you are about to do can lead you to something that is not good:

  • It is okay to be alone at times. You already have a boyfriend, you must be dating already if you want to live together, you should get married first. If that is not possible right now, you can wait. Besides, if sex is the reason, you can always use one of the adult dildo you don’t need a partner in some of them. 
  • Getting married might be good, but not unless you are ready to take the responsibilities. Once you are married, you cannot go out anytime you want to because you need to take care of your husband. Not only that, there is a good chance as well that you will get pregnant right away which means, you have an additional responsibility. The more dismal will be your situation if you live together and bear the responsibilities of marriage as you will always be worried your partner might lose interest in you and you will be left alone. 
  • No one can disrupt your schedule. As mentioned above, you will not be able to live like you are on your own once you will be living together. It means that if friends will ask you out, you cannot say yes right away as you will still need to ask the permission of your partner. If you will go against his wishes, you will not have peace of mind while having funs as well. 
  • You have to spend it on the place where you are going to live and trust me, it will be a big chunk. Even if you have to share with your partner, you will still feel the emptiness of your bank account and that will happen every month. In time, you will surely feel the burden. 
  • Why do you decide to live together? If you can’t marry for some reason, then why live together? Are you afraid your partner might find another? He can still do so even if you are married and it will even be more problematic as you can’t just split up easily especially if you have kids already. 

Yes, before you start living together, you should ask yourself if it is the best situation for you. You should not be scared if your partner might leave you if you don’t give in as that only shows, his love is not enough to understand your side. 

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